Make Luv not Fucks!

The original Turtluv was made by a 16 year old boy whose mentality was "the crasser the better". All instances of love making were referred to as "Fucking".

Turtluv 2 originally followed in Turluv's footsteps, and also used the term "Fucking".

Last year I decided to change all instances of "Fucking" to "Luvin'". The main reason was so my mother would like my facebook page (she was worried her mother would notice it and she's old and from the south and they hate swearing and blah blah blah) but in retrospect, I think the term fits the character of the game much better.

So, the main download now uses Luvin' instead of Fucking. If you give a fuck, the fuck version is now downloadable as TURTLUV2 (Classic).

Linux users: Disregard this post. You never even got to enjoy the Fuck version. My condolences.


TURTLUV2 (WIN).zip 760 kB
Nov 18, 2017

Get Turtle Love: Still Luvin'

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