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MansterSoft presents: The MansterSoft 3-in-1 Fun-Pak!

This pack contains two remastered MansterSoft classics and one brand-new game.

  • DIG or DIE
  • Chimp Knife Fight
  • Snail Party

DIG or DIE is a two-player versus arena game. Features include...

  1. Two Game Modes (Capture the Flag or a simple Duel match)
  2. Play for a set amount of points or until time runs out.
  3. includes 9 maps (though if interest is garnered I'll add more)
  4. Destructible environments
  5. Ranged and Direct combat
  6. Intense sound effects
  7. Two-Player only (wait, that's a negative)

For now two players have to share a keyboard to play. There's also a weird aesthetic glitch that I'm looking into (you'll know it if you see it). I hope to add controller support and multi-OS support in the near future.

Chimp Knife Fight is a one-player turn-based fighting game. Features include...

  1. Two-Player Versus Mode
  2. Story Mode (With a Password Save System)
  3. An Unlockable Survival Mode (With Highscore Auto-Save)

The game was originally written in 2010. It can be iffy at times, but it's one of the better MansterSoft Classics. Dig those Monkey puns.

Snail Party is a one-player super-slow adventure game. Features include...

  1. Super slow game play

This game was also originally written in 2010. It's more of a joke than anything else, but I still enjoy playing it now and again.

The cream of the crop are hosted on itch.io, but for more MansterSoft games visit www.manstersoft.wix.com/games

Also, to keep really up-to-date, follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MansterSoft/

More information

Published306 days ago
Tags2D, 8-bit, Arcade, ascii, battle, combat, Local multiplayer, snail, text-adventure, text-based
Average durationAbout an hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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