A downloadable game for Windows

Infiltrate alien space stations, Loot valuable treasures, and Zap the inhabitants in this fast-paced ASCII action game.

  • EDSF to Move - E to jump out of your ship
  • IJKL to Shoot
  • SPACE to see the Pause Menu
  • ESC to Quit


  • Grab as much $ as you can.
  • Zap the aliens, but when you zap 10 they will call in reinforcements.
  • Grab the fuel tank (purple pentagon thing), hop back into the cockpit, and blast off to another alien space station.


HINT: Don't run into a room full of enemies guns blazing! You're infiltrating alien space stations. Move cautiously.

HINT: Towards the beginning of the level try to zap as few aliens as possible. After you zap 10 they call in the reinforcements.

HINT: Don't shoot the green smiley faces...


This was originally submitted to #LOWREZJAM 2020 as a proof of concept. The jam required a game to be 64x64 pixels, which means only 8x8 ASCII characters.

The updated version and the Game Jam version are available for download.

LASER LOOTER will be further developed into a bigger and better game in the future.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
TagsAliens, ascii, DOS, Fast-Paced, LOWREZJAM, robotron, Sci-fi, Text based, tiny, Twin Stick Shooter


LASER LOOTER (Game Jam).zip 1 MB

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Looks like great fun. I suppose a mac port is out of the question?

No, can't do Mac (I have to own a Mac to compile for Mac with the program I'm using).

I would be able to do Linux upon request, I just have to reinstall the OS.


I played it in Linux using wine, and it worked perfectly (I think, maybe it's more amazing on windows).

It's hard! Those aliens kept dodging my lasers, and I could only see them form 3 steps away. Still fun :)

Nice, glad it works in Wine. I usually compile all of my games for Linux, but I'm moving and my Linux machine is in storage.

It is hard! I'll be upping the resolution once the LOWREZJAM is over, so that should help. Thanks for playing.